The Carbon Project is an innovative, high-energy software and technology company pioneering innovative Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solutions to solve tomorrow's challenges, today. The Carbon Project serves professionals, software developers, government agencies and businesses that develop mapping and real-time web solutions, or use geospatial data.


We provide SDI solutions for National Security, Transportation, Environmental and Infrastructure challenges and focus on rapidly solving our customers problems. We bring the most advanced geospatial interoperability tools in the world to our projects, including CarbonTools PRO. CarbonTools PRO is a software development toolkit that enhances the Microsoft .NET framework to support advanced location content handling and sharing. With CarbonTools .NET developers can extend existing geospatial systems with new capabilities and content sources or build exciting new open-geospatial .NET applications. We also provide innovative suite of geospatial platforms including the popular Gaia geospatial viewer. Gaia lets you seamlessly access and use a vast array of location content and services from your Windows desktop - including Microsoft Bing Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Google Earth KML/KMZ, OGC GML, ESRI Shapefiles, OGC WMS, WFS, WCS services and more. Finally, we are pioneering an innovative suite of geosocial tools built on the next generation of geospatial data, including electronic flight bags, easy-to-use visualization dashboards and geosocial networking services.


Our goal is to make geospatial interoperability completely transparent. We aspire to hide all the complexities of accessing location-based information and handling geospatial services. We hope to achieve systems and services that are understandable, accessible and usable by everyone, everywhere.

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